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S because it is well written and iverting but it is so far below my expectations of this author that I just can t He s raised my standards and I m sticking by themConnelly fans will not be The Power deterred by this mis step For new readers please start with any of the other novels any one but leave this one for last When I reviewed the previous Renee BallardBosch book I gave it one star and stated that I would not be buying any of these books I lied Iecided to try one That was a mistake This book is as bad if not worse than the previous book Please please The Native Heart Healing Oracle: 42 Sacred Mandalas for Raising Your Vibration drop Ballard That character is boring and annoying I am mystified by all the 5 star reviews I ve read and enjoyed almost all of Michael Connelly s novels Some I have read multiple times I think he s a great crime novelist That being said this is absolutely one of his worst books He uses a plotevice that John Sandford used in a novel 20 years ago That book is one of my all time favorites Connelly s attempt is mediocre and lackluster Harry is shoehorned into the plot and again we are reminded several times that he is old and his health is an issue He and Renee Ballard make numerous boneheaded mistakes while tracking a killer It s so isappointing to see a favorite character treated this way There are also a few ancillary cases that aren t interesting as well as a long portion of the novel evoted to Mickey Haller s courtroom antics Also Renee Ballard is just not compelling enough to carry a series and her continued animosity for Olivas is boring Her lifestyle choices are ridiculous An LAPD The Ancient Science of Mantras: Wisdom of the Sages detective sleeping in a tent on the beach Just can t suspendisbelief about that Ballard s case work on the late show isn t interesting and takes up a lot of pages in the book If Connelly has lost interest in writing novels because he s been working on the Bosch TV show and his podcast then maybe it s time to take a break I know I will be taking a break from buying his books. Id he keep the case all these years To find the truth or bury it In LA crime never sleeps But in Ballard Bosch and Haller the fire always burns Will it light the way or leave their lives in ashe.

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The Night Fire ☆ EPUB BY Michael Connelly –

The Night Fire is Michael Connelly s third novel featuring LAPD etective Ren e Ballard and his second pairing Ballard with Harry Bosch I like the pairing for many reasons Ballard is a great character as is Bosch But Bosch is aging so Connelly who is my favorite murder mystery author needs a new lead character Thankfully he s got BallardThe novel begins with an arson related If Truth Be Told: A Monk's Memoir death that Ballard is assigned on Hollywood Division s late shift It looks accidental so she files a report and hands it off toay Archetype Cards: A 78-card Deck and Guidebook detectives Bosch s story begins when John Jack Thompson his mentor as a youngetective The Seasonal Soul: A Mystic's Guide to Inner Transformation dies and leaves him with a murder book that he had stolen from LAPD when he retired The murder is a cold case from 1990 At the same time Bosch helps his half brother Mickey Haller uestion the guilt of an alleged a confessed murderer whom the police haveead to rights because of DNA leaving open the uestion of who the real killer is Ballard and Bosch co work these cases leading them into surprising Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics discoveriesandangerThe Night Fire is a slow burn The Six Healing Sounds: Taoist Techniques for Balancing Chi danger partoesn t really come in till the last 30 pages of the book So if you re looking for explosive action this isn t your book But as a police procedural carefully following the evidence where it leads this book kept me turning pages which is my number one criteria for whether I like a murder mystery I have not read a etective story for over a year so was glad to see this one written by Michael Connelly The chapters alternate between Harry Bosch and LAPD Detective Ballard Detective Ballard shows that she is one bad a etective and can also hold her own in the male The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys dominated world of police workAn unsolved murder case was given to Harry Bosch when his mentor John Jack Thompson passed away This case was at least 30 years old when Harry received itSo the investigation is on with both Bosch and Ballard on board And yes the plotoes indeed thckenToss in an arson case of. A judge murdered in a city park Mickey Haller the Lincoln Lawyer efends the man accused A homeless person burned alive Detective Renee Ballard catches the case on the LAPD's notorious graveyard.

A homeless man and also the murder of a Superior Court Judgejust in case you need a little excitement and mysteryThe entire novel is outstanding as it is full of good old pounding the pavement etective work Toss in the Black Widow for that extra adrenaline rushExcellent character The Fountain Tarot: Illustrated Deck and Guidebook development solid plot and a strong female lead character Doesn t get any better than that for me when reading a novelMost highly recommended I thought I was incapable of leaving less than a 5 star review for anything Michael Connellyoes But here we areJust before this one came out Connelly Silent Power described in an interview the effect that writing the series had had on structuring his novels For the series he said he learned to write severalifferent story lines at once and he The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards decided that was a good thing to impose on his novels This one shows that is a badecisionThe power of the Bosch novels and in fact all of Connelly s novels until now is the relentless through line of the main plot It usually tips off on the first page and is tied up on the last It builds tension and involves the reader in the main character s challenges There are other intrusions Harry s search for his mother s killer intrigue with his Soul Without Shame: A Guide to Liberating Yourself from the Judge Within daughter relationships conflict with other cops and even other investigators and other cases But in these other novels our main character even when it isn t Harry is laser focused on the main storylineThe Night Fire is not that It s almost A Day In The Life as our characters both of themart around from here to there often for no plot related reason at all There is a subplot with Harry s Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India daughter which has nothing whatsoever too with the story If it were cut along with the other subplots that weave throughout there would not be enough left to publish I wouldn t mind if the main story had the same power as in the other novels but here it is just another plot line lost in the shrubberyI think the book probably eserves four star. Shift An unsolved homicide from a lifetime ago Harry Bosch is left a missing case file by his mentor who passed away He was the man who taught Bosch that everybody counts or nobody counts Why

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